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Phuket Sandbox Guidelines

What is Phuket Sandbox?

The Phuket Sandbox Plan is a model that permits fully vaccinated people to enter Thailand without being quarantined. Before Thailand’s borders are fully reopened, the program will begin on 1 July 2021. 


Eligible travelers (both non-Thais and Thais)

  • Fully vaccinated for adults (no less than 14 days before departure)
  • Children under 6 years old traveling with vaccinated parents
  • Children 6 – 18 years old, must have a medical certificate with a laboratory result by an RT-PCR
  • Must come from countries considered low / medium-risk areas*
  • Must have health insurance which covers treatment and medical expenses in relation to COVID-19, with a minimum coverage of 100,000 USD.



  • RT-PCR negative test result
  • Covid-19 Insurance
  • COE
  • Tracking application as prescribed by the Thai Government
  • Stay at hotel that has SHA+ standard


Flights to Phuket

Airlines that have confirmed direct flights to Phuket as follows:

Source: As of 15 May 2021, Emirates : Emirates Airlines Bangkok Office Staff l Singapore Airlines : Airline Website l British Airways : Airline Website l TG : Thai Airways Bangkok Office Staff l Qatar Airways : Airline Website l EL AL : Airline Website


COVID-19 Tests in Phuket

The number of required COVID-19 tests (RT-PCR method) during the stay in Phuket at own expense as per the following requirements

  • The first test upon arrival and await the test results in the accommodation
  • The second test on Day 6 or 7 
  • The third test on Day 12 or 13



What is SHA+?

  • SHA is a certification program for establishments that comply to basic hygiene and health safety standards for their services and products in compliance with the national measures to prevent the transmission of  COVID-19.


Will it be mandatory to stay exclusively at SHA+ hotels? Is it possible to remain at a friend’s house or in our own condo?

  • No, you are only permitted to stay in SHA+ accommodation for the first 14 days.


Other visitors would be permitted to see the tourist throughout his or her initial 14-night stay?

  • Yes, if the individual is completely vaccinated or if the person is traveling from Bangkok, the individual must adhere to the Phuket entrance rules for domestic travelers.


Is a guide required if one wishes to dine at a restaurant or a bar in the evening?

  • No, you are free to move around Phuket. If you wish to participate in other tourist activities, it is recommended that you schedule them through an accredited SHA+ tour operator.


Is it still necessary for visitors to apply for a Certificate of Entry?

  • Anyone traveling to Thailand must still get a Certificate of Entry (or appropriate visa) from the Thai Embassy or Consulate. The application website will be updated to incorporate the Phuket Sandbox model. This will become available over the next few weeks.


Is it necessary for tourists to stay at the same SHA+ hotel for the whole 14 days required upon arrival, or is it allowed to stay at multiple hotels?

  • Travelers may switch hotels if they wish, but the hotel must also be SHA+ accredited.


Can I dine in non-SHA+ accredited restaurants?

  • For your safety, we urge that you only dine at ‘SHA Plus’ certified restaurants, although you may dine at non-accredited restaurants as well.


Will the COVID tests be conducted in the hotel or hospital?

  • It will be conducted in your hotel.


How much are COVID-19 Rapid and RT-PCR tests? 

  • A COVID-19 rapid test costs between 450 and 1,000 Baht per individual. Testing costs are at the expense of the traveler. The RT-PCR test costs 2,500-4,000 Baht per individual.


What if I experienced COVID-19 symptoms?

  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, you must seek immediate medical attention. If traveling in a group, each member of the group must take the COVID-19 test.
  • If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 in Thailand, you will be accountable for all medical charges covered by your COVID-19 insurance.



For additional information and assistance relating to Thailand’s tourism, contact the TAT Contact Centre 1672 or Tourist Police 1155.



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